For the Dental Office

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent staff for your facility, Dental Fillings has a comprehensive staff of skilled individuals available to suit your office's staffing requirements.

Our experience with more than 2,000 dental practices over the past two decades ensures that we can find the candidates to match your requests, schedule, and location requirements.

Dental Fillings, Inc. is owned and operated by dedicated dental professionals with many years of dental office experience. We understand your needs and concerns and are motivated to find the right person for you in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

Why is Dental Fillings such a valuable service for your office?

When hiring dental hygienists, assistants, receptionists or dentists for permanent work.

  • Dental Fillings personally interviews employees, screens skills, checks references, and verifies licensures
  • Dental Fillings saves you time and advertising costs for hiring.
  • Fees are based on number of days hired, not percentage of salary
  • Placement fees are guaranteed within 90 days of hire
  • Dental Fillings allows you to concentrate on the business of dentistry!

  • When hiring temporary employees.

  • Dental Fillings maintains per diem staff as employees and assumes the responsibility for handling all payroll taxes
  • Dental Fillings covers our auxiliaries with Malpractice, Liability, Disability, and Workman's Compensation coverage.

  • Permanent Placement

    Proper selection of skills and personalities are essential for staff morale and increased productivity. Dental Fillings saves time and money and allows you to concentrate on the business of dentistry as we find the perfect staff for your office

    Temporary Placement

    A fully staffed office is essential to maintain optimum productivity. Absence of any employee creates stress and decreases practice income. Dental Fillings maintains per diem staff as employees and handles all payroll taxes.