Client Reviews

From day one, Beth and her team took the time to understand who I am, the kind of practice I operate, and the type of person who will do well in my office. They do this for all their clients and staffers which enables them to send the right team member to the right practice just about all the time.

When someone calls out sick, Beth has always been there to provide great temporary help. And when I have a need for a new team member, Dental Fillings is my first AND ONLY call.

Through the years, Beth Britton has been much more than a business associate. She has become an adviser, a confidante, and a friend for whom I am incredibly grateful. Her listening skills, business acumen, and adherence to the highest principles of ethics make her an invaluable resource.

I couldn't be happier!

I am a recent graduate of a Dental Assisting Program. I met with Beth and within two weeks I was placed in an office, working as a full time Dental Assistant.

Thanks Beth!

- Morgan R

Dental Fillings is a great works!

The Staff is very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

I have Temped, on and off, for over 30 years and Beth has an uncanny knack for matching the right Hygienist with the right Office.

- Meg Vanhaak, RDH

As a new graduate from an associates degree dental hygiene program, I wanted to be able to continue my dental education while starting my hygiene career. Dental Fillings allowed me this opportunity. For two years now, I have been able to make a flexible work schedule that didn't interfere with my inconsistent class schedule. As a new hygienist, temping has also given me the opportunity to learn the field. I have worked in every type of office, learned all different types of equipment and experienced the vast range of how different offices run. This has made for a fantastic resume and through temping, I have found two offices that I now work at permanently. All of the Dental Fillings staff are not only professional, but so sweet and a pleasure to work with. This company is truly unique and I would highly recommend any hygienist to join our team!

- Elizabeth Ackermann, RDH

Dental Fillings of Marlboro NJ has been my "go to" dental employment agency since 1990. One of the first experiences was a hygienist first hired as a "temp" who became a full time team member for 14 years.

The owner Beth Britton has helped us with last minute help many times. We've had every type of employment situation come up and Dental Fillings has always been there to provide immediate assistance.

Currently they helped with a disability issue and the temporary person became a permanent member of our team once that issue was resolved.

Beth and her team are always there for us and I hope they will be with us beyond my dental career.

- Mitchel Friedman

I have been in the Dental field a little over 30 years. I have used a few different Dental placement agencies over the years. However, for many years now I only use Dental Fillings. Beth and her staff at Dental fillings are TOP NOTCH. They are truly professional and dedicated, and give much attention to your specific needs.

One of the great things about Dental Fillings is that all professionals that are being placed, whether temporary or permanent placements, are interviewed in person. This goes a long way, as there is much you can tell by meeting with the person. This makes Dental Fillings a "cut above the rest".

On a personal note, the position I am in for many years as office manager for Park Avenue Dental in Edison, was aquired thru Dental Fillings. When looking for this position, they listened to my needs and requirements which meant a great deal to me. I am truly happy where I am and I have Dental Fillings to thank.

In my professional and personal opinion, on a scale from 1 - 10, I rate Dental Fillings 10 +++

- Diane Di Maria, Off Mgr For Park Avenue Dental

Beth and her team at Dental Fillings has been an invaluable asset to us for many, many years. Whenever we are in a bind, we can always rely on Dental Fillings. Whether we give them a call in advance for help, or a last minute call, they always seem to work magic and help us out. They are always professional, courteous and dependable. With the many stresses that dental offices face, what a great feeling it is to know that Dental Fillings is always available to lend a hand in making life that much simpler for us. They know what we need and try all they can to provide us with the best help possible!!

Any dentist can tell you that life can be very stressful at times. When a team member is out, or your office is running short staffed, life can be miserable when everyone is forced to work harder. Nothing makes the day go a little easier than a phone call to Beth at Dental Fillings. Hearing that she, or one of her team, has found a replacement takes so much stress out of your day. Whether it is a planned day off, or a last minute, early morning phone call from a sick assistant or hygienist, you know you can always count on Beth to fill that position. Dental Fillings is the best at what they do, and I don't think that any dentist that has used her services can dispute that. Her office has always been there for us, and we will continue our relationship with her until I retire or die, whichever comes first!

- Scott D. Lurie, DMD

"We have had the pleasure of working with Dental Fillings for the past three and half years. Whether we have had the ability to give them advance notice, or even in the instance where we have needed their help at the very last minute, they have always managed to pull through and provide us with skilled, responsible, personable and hard-working hygienists and assistants to fill-in for our staff. They have truly put in the effort to get to know us, as a practice, and as a result they have mastered the art of sending us professionals who fit right in with the rest of our team! We couldn’t be happier with the experiences that we have had with Dental Fillings. We feel confident and stress-free because, if we are ever short-staffed in the future, we know Dental Fillings will step up to the plate and save the day!"

- Brett Druger, DMD and Irene Druger, DMD - Westfield, NJ

I have been working with Beth and her staff at Dental Fillings for 5 years. They have completely exceeded my expectations and have continuously kept me busy working. Since starting with them in 2008 I have been placed in over 100 offices as a temporary hygienist. I have a side business which prevents me taking on a full time position, which makes Dental Fillings a perfect match for me. Although I'm not interested in full time placement, I've had multiple job offers from the offices that I have temped at and I would highly recommend using them if you are looking for permanent placement. Throughout all these years their commitment to filling my schedule has been consistent. Beth, Barbara, Sabrina and Michelle are dedicated professionals who truly understand how to match the hygienist to the dental office. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone happy. It continues to be a pleasure being an employee of dental fillings. They are the best!

Cathy Borowsky RDH